Architecting your future

The clients who embark on this programme are confronted with big life moments.

You have typically achieved considerable success and are looking for the next level of significance.

Alternatively, you may have had considerable change – you’ve been promoted into senior or executive management, you’ve moved countries, or perhaps you’ve taken an extended sabbatical and are now contemplating what is next in your life – and are feeling a bit out of control. It is an unfamiliar feeling for you, given your history of success.

Or, you might have been in the same role for a few years, just had a milestone birthday, or completed a major course of study like an MBA, and you’re seeking your next phase.

In this programme we work intentionally over 6 months to design the strategy and actions necessary to shape the next period of your life.

You will achieve a clarity that enables you to identify and leverage your strengths, your ambitions, and your experience to intentionally shape the next phase of your life.

It comprises 10 sessions run over four-six months. The programme length varies slightly because of the time between meetings, which in turn depends on the programme that we design to meet your needs (and, of course, your schedule).

In the first three sessions, you will develop understanding of yourself, your capabilities, and your context. From there we’re able to design a future strategy that leverages all your strengths, experience and knowledge and builds off your unique passions.

In the next four sessions, we work to develop your strategy for the next phase of your life. This strategy is:

  • Pragmatic, taking cognisance of your current context and capabilities.
  • Achievable, with clear actions from the current moment into the future.
  • Inspiring, as it opens possibilities and speaks to a deep understanding of your passions, and the new ways in which you can use your strengths.

In the final three sessions we consolidate the learning that you’re experiencing.

Invariably as one starts to implement ideas, or experiment with new approaches, you generate new insights that we can integrate into the strategy. Sometimes life pulls you back into your old way of operating and these sessions help you to develop tactics to keep moving towards the vision that you want for your life.

During the time that we work together I am also available for support calls and emails.

Clients on this programme often ask me to make key introductions, review documentation, help them prepare for critical meetings and otherwise navigate the pressures that come with leadership. Within reason, this is included at no extra cost.