Executive support

You might be the CEO, or founder, of a small or medium sized businesses, or you may be a senior executive in a large corporate. You find yourself needing a place to process the business challenges that you confront every day. Your spouse is tired of hearing about it, your therapist helps you deal with the emotions but not the practicalities of the challenge, and your personal trainer wants you to focus on your breathing.

Leadership is often very lonely and having an experienced thinking partner is invaluable.

When I work with you in this way, we spend 3 sessions in ‘coaching mode’ developing an understanding of your leadership journey and patterns. Thereafter we agree a programme of support that works for you. This is typically a fortnightly or monthly meeting, During periods of intense change, or to resolve a particular challenge, I meet with clients on a weekly basis.  

Our meeting provides a space where you’re able to process the key strategic and operational challenges that you’re confronting in your business. My role is to help you think through the challenges, drawing on both our experience and knowledge. I can ask you questions that others in your organisation may feel that they can’t ask. You can test and explore ideas before taking them into the business. Think of it as leadership therapy, it gives you ongoing access to an experienced business leader and coach to help you work through the challenges of each month.