My clients describe me as an “incredible intellect, authentic to a fault, and deeply principled” and “a guide, a collaborative pathfinder” and my coaching as “one of the most formative experiences of my career” and “a journey of self-discovery”.

They have said, “ he tailors the work to the exact situation that you find yourself in”; “he is an incredible listener who in his astute questioning and summarising, gets to the bottom of what is holding one back and where one wants to get to”; and “he has the remarkable ability to ask just the right questions to elicit deep self-reflection which ultimately leads to positive change”.

Karl has been invaluable to me as a Founder and Executive at my business. It’s great having a sounding board or a thinking-out-loud “partner”. He has helped me navigate hard situations about people, operations, strategy and how to work with and manage my co-founders. One of the things that I enjoy about working with Karl is his writings about our coaching sessions following the coaching sessions (coaching session notes) and the recommended readings, books, blogs, and articles that he references and/or the people and organisations that Karl refers you to depending on the business problem you are working through.

I don’t know where my leadership journey would be without the coaching sessions with Karl. It would have been a journey without my thinking being tested, independent perspective being provided and the underrated “pat on the back” that things are moving in the right direction.

Karl is my business/executive therapist. It’s a pleasure to say that. I am grateful to have this support structure as I navigate the daunting road of being a founder and an executive in a rapidly growing business.

Thapelo Motlogeloa

I reached out to Karl with the intent of advancing my professional career, little did I know of the profound impact he would have on every aspect of my life. Karl’s exceptional qualities include his vast knowledge, active listening skills, ability to synthesize information and his practical advice. He possesses the remarkable ability to perceive subtle nuances, unspoken cues and underlying emotions, enabling him to fully understand the context of my experiences. Moreover, his thought-provoking questions always spark new perspectives within me.

I particularly appreciate Karl’s recommendations on books, techniques for enhancing self-awareness and strategic thinking, as well as his passion for fine art. Reading his reflective summaries of our sessions is also an added touch I immensely enjoy.

It is rare to find a coach with whom one can be completely vulnerable. Karl has been a true partner in my personal growth and I am incredibly grateful for the positive impact he has had on me. I highly recommend him to any executive seeking transformative growth and success. His holistic approach has allowed me to discover greater fulfillment and purpose in both my professional and personal life. Choosing him is a decision you won’t regret. I am eternally grateful that our paths crossed and the journey we continue to walk together.

Nigel Mangwanda – Group Chief Engineer and Architect at Absa Group

Karl was recommended to me by a dear friend during a most turbulent time in my life, characterised by so much change and loss. This was compounded by the pandemic that paused our lives in the most complicated ways. Karl led me through a journey of introspection and realignment to what was core to me. He has the unique ability to truly listen and understand your needs, translating them into pragmatic opportunities to explore and reconnect both personally and professionally. Karl has a wealth of knowledge and experience that he generously shares in the sessions. He offers empathy, considered recommendations and the required challenge to enable growth. I have benefited greatly from our sessions and highly recommend Karl’s services to anyone who is looking for an authentic, holistic coach.

Nirasha (Singh) Chetty (CAMS) – Executive Director, CFCC Advisory GB & CB Grp Sg at Standard Chartered Bank

I cannot begin to measure the level of positive impact working with Karl has had on my life, career and mindset.
Karl is skilled at helping to restructure a finite mindset, as well as help you gain an undertsanding that influence and strategy are core to working in today’s complex corporate environments.

Karl’s coaching methods have supported, recognised and enhanced skills that I was not aware of and he helped me reshape patterns that were not conducive to my long term growth.

Taking all of these lessons and then learning how to adapt, influence and manage your working environment, the complexity of people and systems; means that Karl has handed me the tools and taught me methods to achieve my limitless potential.

He’s also one of the nicest people I have had the pleasure to meet.
Go into this with an open mindset and prepare to be challenged and accept that you will change and grow for the better.

Darshana Myronidis – Group Sustainability Director at Virgin

I had the pleasure of having Karl as an executive coach in 2020 Karl has an incredible and innate skill to get you to reflect on your context, your impact and your life journey He is a brilliant coach because he is able to fuse his corporate experience, with his ability to coach with empathy and insight He has honest and authentic conversations, directs you in the right way and also gives you a powerful repository of written information to make the change meaningful. Thank you Karl

Abdullah H Verachia – Global Future Strategist Speaker | Strategist | Disruptor | Board member | B School faculty | CEO

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