The Learning Club

You’re wanting to stimulate a new level of dialogue and thinking in your organisation but you’re not sure how to get there.

I spend 600 hours a year learning to ensure that I bring my clients a wide and deep understanding of the world, enriched by case studies from business and biography.

I work with you, and members of your organisation, to understand your learning objectives. Is it personal mastery? It is leadership? Innovation? Inspiration? Importantly, we make it practical. There is no point having something that is too much and then people check out.  

Based on this, I design a programme that is a mixture of books, podcasts, and articles to meet your needs, and I facilitate regular discussions between the members of your business who are participating in the learning club.

The result is that you’ve got ongoing learning in the business in a manner that has all the benefits of some structure, and all the joy of an informal exploration of ideas between colleagues. It helps to build trust, a shared understanding, stimulate new thinking and support a culture of learning and exploration.