What You Can Expect

You can expect a pragmatic, and inspiring experience, that is tailored to your unique circumstances. A CEO, and board member of a multinational company, who has worked with me said “Karl has an incredible and innate skill to get you to reflect on your context, your impact and your life journey He is a brilliant coach because he is able to fuse his corporate experience, with his ability to coach with empathy and insight”.

My way of working is highly individualised, taking account of your experience, knowledge, and background, and that of the organisational context within which you operate.

One of my clients, the founder of a professional services business, describes it this way, “Instead of coaching boilerplate and motivational templates, he offers a sublime understanding of personal growth and a wealth of real-life experience in business. This combination allows him to make deeply insightful observations and provide the kind of strategic advice that has transformative value on a personal, spiritual and professional level”.

You will:

  • Gain deep insight into yourself, your context and your relationships.
  • Be more effective, in both knowing what you want and how to get there.
  • Build your capacity to identify patterns, strengths and gaps in your skills, experiences, and behaviour and what to do accordingly.
  • Develop the behaviours, skills and knowledge required to shift into the next phase of your life and career.

I support your coaching journey with written reflections that provide insights and additional thoughts. My clients find them to be an invaluable layer that deepens the transformative impact of their coaching work. They often return to them years later for insight and reinvigoration.