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Is This The Most Important Year Of All?


Good morning I sat down to write a different letter. It was meant to reflect on Columbia Business School Professor, Rita McGrath’s book on strategy, Seeing Around Corners. Yet, as I wrote, a different letter unfolded. Over this week I, like…

Knowing Yourself


There’s a lot I want to share with you. I have recently finished Erin Meyer and Reed Hastings’ No Rules Rules: Netflix and the Culture of Reinvention, and Wahbie Long’s Nation on The Couch: Inside South Africa’s Mind, both of which are…

Innovation, burnout, and bravery


You’ll remember that a few months ago I told you that South African artist and sculptor Atang Tshikare was rocking the world of Dior. Now he’s in New York’s Metropolitan Museum with this amazing piece that he describes as paying…