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#138: Connection and Hope


The letter was born watching Gina Prince-Bythewood and Viola Davis’ The Woman King. The film’s joy is witnessing a Pan-African cast create magic together. Its pain is the history it reminds us of. Nevertheless, I left hopeful. Bythewood and Davis…

A Pan-African Imagination


This Tuesday is Africa Day and so I have turned to a Pan African Pantheon to inspire our imagination, for in the Pan-African tradition an inspired imagination is the precursor to expanded freedom. / STRATEGY Marcus Garvey stated, “A people…

Hamdi Ulukaya: The Billionaire Shepherd


It’s been a week! I hope that you’re well. If you’re feeling like you need a wry smile, you’ll love Reza Farazmand’s dry sense of humour. While parts of the world were being weird about South Africa’s scientific excellence, the…