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#125: The Magic Of Gratitude


I loved artist Simphiwe Ndzube’s posts honouring the great South African sculptors Noria Mabasa and Mmakgabo Helen Sebidi (You can read more about Sebidi here). It is wonderful to see someone who is experiencing contemporary success express gratitude for those who have influenced his way…

Being a Better Manager


This year will be overwhelming and tiring. In this context, it’s tempting to draw the curtains and hide out until ‘it’s all over.’ Yet, as famous baseball player and coach, ‘Yogi’ Berra, once put it, “If you don’t know where…

Building the courage for complexity


Good morning humans Forgive the oddball greeting. I have been immersed in Tade Thompson’s excellent sci-fi Wormwood trilogy. I came to know about it reading The eight must read African Novels to get you through lockdown. Although I am not a massive…